Traffic Survival School will help you meet requirements of your court mandate or Motor Vehicle Department corrective letter. Learn about Choice Theory for driving. Build new skills and create an action plan to be a responsible driver. If you h ave a teenager in their first 6 months of driving with a Class G license, you can reduce the parental supervision hours from 30 /10 to 20 /6 by having your teen attend Traffic Survival School.

What You Will Learn

This course helps with building skills in areas of making choices that lead to positive and responsible driving. You will have the opportunity to create a path forward leading to better decisions when driving.

During the course, you will be actively involved in identifying your driving habits. Through this process you will be lead through steps to learn how to make safe decisions about your driving. Participants will interact within small groups throughout the course.

How to Attend

Registering for Class

Step 1: Register at and select your Traffic Survival School date. You will need the following information:

  • MVD Case Number -or-
  • Customer number -or-
  • Withdrawal Number.

Step 2: Register online with Pima or call 520-206-4737

If you need further assistance, contact the Center for

Transportation Training staff at 520-206-2744.

What To Know Before Attending

Day of Class

  • Students are required to be in the classroom at the start of class.
  • Students are required to remain in class until the dismissal of class for the day.
  • Once the door is closed and instruction begins, you will not be able to enter the class.

Course Refunds

To learn more about Pima Continuing Education refund policy, visit our Information & Services page.