Would you like to teach others a knowledge or skill as a member of the part-time lifelong learning instructional team? We hire based upon interest in workforce and community education courses. Over the last five years we have scheduled more workforce courses to respond to employer demand for skilled workers. This trend will continue, however, we also will be increasing the number of community education courses for personal interest.

Frequently Asked Questions About Non-Credit Courses & Programs

What is the purpose of noncredit courses and programs?

Noncredit courses and programs offered at Pima Community College are in three categories:

  • community education
  • adult basic education
  • workforce education

By lowering the barriers to entry, noncredit courses expand student access to the knowledge needed to reach individual goals.

Who are noncredit students?

  • Personal Exploration – Learning about a craft, hobby, language, politics and much more.
  • Skill Builders – Some students want to develop a specific skill without enrollment in a program of student, certificate or degree.
  • Bridge to Credit – New or returning students might require targeted support to ease their transition to credit education, including building confidence in their own academic skills.
  • Fast Track – Condensed learning for job-related certifications/skills that can be completed within six months.
  • Adult Basic Education – Noncredit courses provide an alternative path for students seeking to learn English as a Second Language or obtain their GED.

Who designs noncredit curriculum and what is the approval process?

The noncredit curriculum development consists of a course title, description, and learning objectives.  If you have an idea for a course, provide this information in an email to Jacqueline Cunningham at [email protected]

How long are courses and certifications?

Noncredit courses are short and concise. A workforce course may run 8 -12 weeks, but a community education course is less than 8 weeks.

Do students enrolled in noncredit get financial aid?

Students electing to learn without earning credits are not typically included in financial aid support.  Registration is not complete until payment is received.  When a third party pays for a student, the process may be slightly different.  One day this may change, but, for now, noncredit is usually pay-as-you learn.  

Can undocumented students take noncredit?

We welcome all students without regard to national origin or residency.

Who are the new majority learners?

The majority of learners in Pima county are those who want easy access to a class, quality instruction without unneeded content. This student wants education to fit their busy schedule where the knowledge can be learned and applied quickly.