Parents, grandparents, and neighbors of our community see evidence of positive youth development from children participating in out of school time programs.  For the last 20 years, we have been offering classes that change and challenge youth from ages 9 – young adult.  Students develop confidence, competence, character, connection, and a responsibility to each other while they are learning a new skill or exploring a future career.

Enrolling your child in one of our youth classes introduces them to higher education, the classroom, and the latest technology.  The majority of students that enrolled for the first time as a child in a Pima for Youth class will, at some time in their life, return to Pima Community College for future education.

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Research indicates that young people who are surrounded by positive educational encounters show evidence of higher rates of successful transition into adulthood.

Youth Ages 9-12



Learn how to touch-type or improve your existing typing skills.


Introduction to Algebra

Look to your left and right.  Every person you see needs to know how to reason and think through a problem.  In our classes you will develop the habits of mind associated with learning math to help seek solutions to problems using logic.

Youth Ages 12-15

Exclusive Summer Opportunity for First Responder Explored course

First 10 registrations are FREE with funding provided by The Center for the Future of Arizona.

First Responder Explored

Being a first responder is something admired and often a career of choice, but it requires an individual who can make a difference when a life is on the line.  Explore the career of a first responder, required education and some of the skills. 

CPR & First Aid Training Included: Students are taught the basics of how to assess and treat an injured or ill person when emergency response is not readily available. Topics include heat and cold related injuries, bites/stings, burns/blisters, lightning safety, orthopedic injury, treatment principles and techniques. Emphasis is placed on hands-on activities as opposed to lecture. Learn to assess and treat patients with foreign body airway obstruction, respiratory and/or cardiac arrest with Card

Exclusive Summer Opportunity for Cybersecurity - You can HACK it! course

First 10 registrations are FREE with funding provided by The Center for the Future of Arizona.

Cybersecurity - You can HACK it!

Cybersecurity is a brilliant career to explore …a job that never is boring, pays well, it doesn't pollute the earth, everyone needs a person that helps protect their data, and maybe even a chance to work with secret agents.

Teen Ages 13-17



Learn how to touch-type or improve your existing typing skills.  Be faster and more efficient by using all your fingers without relying on your sense of sight.


Introduction to Algebra

Understand how algebra is relevant to almost every aspect of your daily life, and become skilled at solving a variety of algebraic problems.

To Register For A Class

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  3. Pay and receive confirmation of enrollment

It's that easy to be on the path to learning what you want, when you want! Placement exams are rarely required. No residency requirements.

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Pima for Youth
Pima offers youth programs to encourage kids and teens in our community to learn while building academic skills. Learn more about Dual Enrollment, Educational Talent Search, Upward Bound, theatre productions. Visit our main site to learn about these and other opportunities for youth in our community. Pima Youth also provides opportunities to get involved and learn. Visit our Pima For Youth page to find the right summer camp or class.
Appreciative Parent of Youth
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"My son was talking about going to college last night. Do you know I have been talking to him about college for the longest time and he has acted like he didn't hear any of it but when he hears it from his Pima for Youth instructor it's a different story!?!”

Graduating Seniors

Continue the Pima experience and apply to Pima. If you are interested in workforce courses and are 18 years of age, go to the workforce tab at the top of this page.

Course Refunds

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