Professional Education


Study philosophy, law, history, politics, religion, psychology and arts to describe the human experience.





  • Increase your success as a student and employee by developing analytic thinking skills.
  • Learn the interconnection of knowledge and how it fits together.
  • Stay current in your legal field.
  • Study cultures for a global perspective.
  • Perspective shift to appreciate other’s points of view and cultures.
  • Strengthen the local arts community.
  • Appreciate creativity.

Trial Advocacy – Summer 2022

UPAR 111 Principles and simulated experience that demonstrates and develops fundamental skills that are associated with conducting court – civil and criminal hearings and trials, administrative hearings, mediation and arbitration, and settlement and plea negotiation. This course earns CEU and is valuable for individuals supporting the courts. This class meets weekly this Summer on Saturdays starting June 4 at Downtown Campus.


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