Prior Learning Assessment

Pima Community College offers six methods to earn credit for knowledge already obtained.  Taking advantage of one or more of these eliminates the need to take classes that cover content you have already mastered. Up to 75% of a program may be eligible for PLA credits.

  1. National Standard Exam
  2. Course Challenge Exam
  3. Portfolio Assessment
  4. Industry Certification or License
  5. Military Training
  6. Noncredit Coursework

Portfolio Assessment

One of the most rewarding ways to earn credit is through validation of accomplishments and capabilities you have gained in your lifetime – work experience, military, hobbies, workforce training.  Developing a portfolio isn’t easy, but Pima Community College has a course to guide you through the process:  PLA 100 Portfolio Orientation.  While taking this online course you will learn how to find the learning outcomes for the course you are requesting PLA credit, evaluate past knowledge, and develop proof of your mastery for each of the learning outcomes.  Once your portfolio is ready for assessment, a Subject Matter Expert will review your submission and determine if you should earn credit based upon the evidence of your prior learning.  PLA 100 Portfolio Orientation is offered several times a year.

Noncredit Coursework

Each Program within the College has evaluated the course content and determined a small number of classes that would be available for PLA even if the course was taken without earning credit.  As with any PLA, the student must demonstrate they have obtained the knowledge and/or skills at a grade of C or more. This can be done by:

  • submitting results of course assessments
  • an affidavit from the instructor
  • developing a portfolio assessment

Available Courses

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Register for the Noncredit option to learn in a Credit Class

Search the credit schedule of classes, select your section and call 520-206-4737 to complete your registration.  Noncredit registration in credit classes begins three weeks prior to class start.